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Jiffy Park

G. Costanza

Never park at Jiffy Park. These guys are the absolute WORST. First off, the head guy is beyond rude. I showed up to get my car and he tells me they can’t get it out for...get this. A COUPLE OF DAYS! And he said it like he was telling me it would be 5-10 minutes or something. When I put up a fuss he tried to calm me down with a cheap Jiffy Park shirt! I swear something fishy is going on there, lots of ladies in short skirts walking around but no cars are being parked. He even tried to offer me a different car! Ok Boomer, I don’t even know what you mean by Mary Kay car. He kept insisting I take it up with Consumer Affairs which I absolutely will be. 

Tim Whatley, DDS

J. Seinfeld

Ok, at first I was a little put off by the Penthouse in the waiting room. This is supposed to be a sterile environment, no? But it did put me at ease as I tend to let the expletives fly when they pull that needle out! My 3 stars would have been lower but he did do a great job on my tooth. He was so gentle, so caring, so..sensitive. Where I had the issue was with my dental assistant Jennifer. Or was it Cheryl? Why don’t I know? Because they seemed to change at the drop of a hat. And I don’t want to sound paranoid, but I swore I had my shirt buttoned when I arrived. But after I went under the gas….

Melosh Tennis Camp

J. Seinfeld

For someone charging outrageous prices, Melosh can’t even play! He is without a doubt the worst tennis player I have ever seen. The day started out great. “Can of balls for the nice guy”. Relaxed, fun environment. Then in the first drill, he’s whiffing, hitting everything out of bounds, even let his racket go and hit some guy in the head with it! Some tall, lanky doofus, with a bird face and hair like the Bride of Frankenstein. Anyway, halfway through the “lesson”, his girlfriend sits down and begins watching us. Get this. Melosh asks me the start THROWING THE GAMES to impress her! I was so appalled but I ended up doing it. Instead of just taking the fake wins in stride, he began taunting me. “Look at the little baby!” “Another game for Melosh!”. Once the “lesson” was over, he said he would make it up to me with a full year at the club, no charge! He then returned and said “I’m sorry, they say there is no way that we can zoo it”. Another game for Melosh? Try another club for me!

Soup Nazi

Y. Kassem

Fast, efficient, good. 

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